Built-up roofing refers to any roofing system that is installed in multiple layers, using asphalt as the primary waterproofing component.  The built-up system may use traditional roofing felts or modified bitumen felts.

Tar and asphalt are tried and true roofing systems that provide excellence performance and longevity. Although initially more costly to install, the long term cost savings is what sets built-up roofs apart from all the single-ply systems.

Our most frequently requested and installed asphalt roof system is the Modified

Modified Bitumen (MB) roofing is an asphalt-based, close cousin of the built-up roof designed for buildings with low-slope or flat roof structures. There are numerous surfacing options for this system which include a factory applied mineral surface, gravel surface, including “cool roof” coatings which are highly-reflective to save on building cooling costs. Mineral-surfaced MB products are typically furnished with white granules, but are also available in designer colors to match asphalt shingles or to otherwise compliment the building design.